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         Hi! (❁´◡`❁) Welcome to my site! I'm Phie, the Cy83rPr1mm1e; Cyberprimmie if you can't stand numbers as letters; it's okay, I won't judge.  I stumbled face first into neocities after several months of half-heartedly joking we must return to forums and personal sites. I've decided to stop joking and build my personal site from scratch! Please take a look around and visit again soon, we're contstantly under construction!

         Planned Content includes shrines to the web content of my youth, my own writing, and whatever fun little webpages I feel like writing! Check back to see them launch!

          In the meantime; remember to feed your neopets!

Chia of the Season

It's the oh-so spooky season of fall! Let's start my site off with a bang: Witch Chia to match Jhudora! I bet they're besties o(*°▽°*)o.